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We design & make online courses, curriculum & certificate programs for any idea, any subject & any industry.

If you're a business that's ready to franchise, association that wants to offer eCourses to members, non-profit that must comply with gov't rules for staff training, or a trade school with students to teach...

We design & build any kind of e-learning for desktop & mobile.


Karla Costilla, Founder & CEO

Masters Trucking Academy

"When I met Dr. Alvarez I had just opened my commercial truck driving business. It was hard to find licensed drivers. Lots of my drivers had been ripped off by bad training programs. I thought, what if I could offer quality training to people looking for new careers by teaching them how to pass the Class A Commercial License tests?

I’m a trucker & a dispatcher with 25-years of driving experience. But I had zero school running experience. LOL!  I didn’t even have a curriculum for teaching students or a training program for instructors that I was hiring.

With Dr. Alvarez’s help I was able to open & run the Master’s Trucking Academy. (It really helped that she'd been a school principal, curriculum specialist & business owner.)

Dr. Alvarez made a roadmap for the MTA training program. I got a curriculum my instructors use every day & a lot of knowledge in how to set up the school & teach the DMV materials.

Bottom line, today I run a trucking academy that makes money, my enrollment tripled, I have a waiting list of students, we get great reviews from our graduates & I’m expanding to a second location. When it’s time to add online training, Dr. Alvarez will be THE ONLY person I’ll call!"

Build my courses, curriculum, & certificate programs.

How We Work

I'm making my own courses.

Want to learn how to make online courses?

We teach you how to design money-making online courses for any idea, any subject & any industry.

If you're starting business, entrepreneur with an idea, or a go-getter who wants to know exactly how to make online courses...

Take our Step-by-Step Courses to learn exactly how to make digital courses that'll make you money.

Andrea Jenson, CEO

Jenson Strategic Tax & Bookkeeping

"Beyond my expectations! Working with Dr. Alvarez was WAY beyond my expectations for building an online course. I learned so much valuable information about the context and structure of how to deliver information to an e-learner that I will be using this framework for all of our information delivery."

Teach me how to make my own courses.

Take a Course

Take my business online.

Want to do virtual business & stop wasting time & money?

We teach VIP Private Clients how to create a profitable virtual business in record time.

If you want to sell online products & services, teach online, replace your face-to-face client work with remote services, or learn how to grow an online business...

We'll help you craft a strategy & actionable roadmap that shortens the cycle from idea to development to cash flow. $$$

Shari C., Founder

Private Client

~ San Tolome, Guatemala

"Before we found Cristina, we were daunted by pivoting our business to offer online products & services. I’m a serial entrepreneur who’s launched successful businesses. My partner is a seasoned researcher & writer. Between us we have lots of skills but were unsure about the best strategy for us. There were so many problems to solve & decisions to make. We didn’t know where to start.

Working with Cristina completely changed how we approach developing our business from now on. Cristina doesn’t just give us one-size-fits-all formulas… she really teaches core principles of product development & e-commerce, why they’re crucial, & how to make them work for your business.

Not only do we have valuable tools & resources to use time & again, we also have the insight & confidence to grow a successful dream business!"

Bruce C., Partner

Private Client

~ San Tolome, Guatemala

"Cristina’s an amazing problem-solver. We were surprised how quickly she distilled all of the issues in problems we were dealing with!

Because she has advanced degrees you might think that her work style would be complicated. It’s the opposite. Cristina’s skilled at synthesizing complex concepts into concrete, practical steps.

She taught us how to define the big, most important questions, what we must know, and how to break it all down to get traction. Working with Cristina saved us so much money & time."

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