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All The Tools You Need To Speed Up the Development of a Profitable Virtual Business

One-on-one personalized program for eager business owners who are committed to growing an online business... & save time & money while getting there!

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What happy clients say!

Shari C., Founder

Private Client

~ San Tolome, Guatemala

"Before we found Cristina, we were daunted by pivoting our business to offer online products & services. I’m a serial entrepreneur who’s launched successful businesses. My partner is a seasoned researcher & writer. Between us we have lots of skills, but were unsure about the best strategy for us. There were so many problems to solve & decisions to make. We didn’t know where to start.

Working with Cristina completely changed how we approach developing our business from now on. Cristina doesn’t just give us one-size-fits-all formulas… she really teaches core principles of product development & e-commerce, why they’re crucial, & how to make them work for your business.

Not only do we have valuable tools & resources to use time & again, we also have the insight & confidence to grow a successful dream business!"

Bruce C., Partner

Private Client

~ San Tolome, Guatemala

"Cristina’s an amazing problem-solver. We were surprised how quickly she distilled all of the issues in problems we were dealing with!

Because she has advanced degrees you might think that her work style would be complicated. It’s the opposite. Cristina’s skilled at synthesizing complex concepts into concrete, practical steps.

She taught us how to define the big, most important questions, what we must know, and how to break it all down to get traction. Working with Cristina saved us so much money & time."


The 4 Pillars of Velocity Virtual Business Builder


As an architect designs a blueprint, make the foundation for a profitable business. Create a thoughtful plan that gets rid of disjointed tasks that waste your time & money. Toss the pain & frustration that folks have before they come to us!


In addition to research, ideas & concepts, you must know how to take effective actions to meet your goals. We guide you with practical, tangible steps so you can make progress. We cut to the chase & show you how.


If you stopped at the first two steps, your business wouldn't thrive. To make sure it does, you'll learn to love data, track the numbers, and meet milestones & benchmarks. We keep you on track by being friendly task masters so you can achieve results.


You've got a unique mission, niche, skill set & personality. As experts in learning & human development, we know what makes people tick. We assess what motivates you to do your best work & craft a program just for you. 

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