Are You Blissfully Ignorant About E-Learning?

Blissful ignorance can cost you money in lost revenue and business growth. If you want to avoid the regret of having missed money-making opportunities, invest some of your business development dollars to add e-learning to your product offerings.

Whether you answer yes or no, if you want to be successful in the virtual economy, it’s important to probe this question.

So let’s start with defining e-learning.

Electronic Learning, shortened to e-learning, is the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills by way of electronic technologies, media, and the Internet. E-learning is a catch-all term that includes the process, content, and technologies that are used for digital learning and training. Most e-learning for businesses is web-based training that’s delivered through computers and mobile devices.

How much money is in the e-learning industry?

$200+ billion in 2019

$375 billion by 2026

The global e-learning market is expected to grow at over 8% compound annual...

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TAKE A STAND : Every Child A Dalai Lama

Why do we do what we do? What do we live for?

Our work as course creators often focuses on the technical aspects of planning, design, and production. We don’t often explicitly state our core values because the nuts & bolts of making eLearning, from ideas to tangible digital products, can overshadow our why. 

The most casual glance at news and social media, points to the fact that values underly everything that one expresses and creates. So, I’d like to let you know what drives me as a human being. And I’d like to get to know likeminded business owners whose work I can support with my skills.


 Who’s the Dalai Lama?

The Dalia Lama is the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism and for centuries was also the temporal ruler of Tibet. Tibetan Buddhists believe that each Dalai Lama is the reincarnation of the Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. When the current bodhisattva dies, his spirit reappears as child. According to myth...

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Online Learning Trends as Top Money-Maker for 2020

2020 is the year to get in the course creation game. Online learning was named a top-twenty business opportunity trend for 2020:

#11 Online Learning

"There's no question that online learning has taken off as a business... Informal learning is an industry that has been growing steadily and is expected to pick up pace in the coming years," says Steven Cox, founder of San Diego-based TakeLessons, which offers in-person and online lessons. (A recent report from Renub Research suggests that the online education industry will reach $350 billion, worldwide, by 2025.)"

If you're like most service-based business owners, you've used expert knowledge to serve your customers. You may even have a signature service that is so unique that customers bypass your competitors to hire you.

The problem is that as long as many of your ideas live in your head, there's a limit to the income you can generate.

Offering online courses is one of the top growth strategies...

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In Praise of the Humble Marbled Notebook

Remember 1st grade? If you were raised in the US you’ll have memories of writing your first spelling words in a black & white notebook. Your mind's eye will see a classic composition book with a black & white marbled design on the cover and 100 sheets of wide-ruled, white paper.

If you’re like me, you practiced penmanship, solved math problems, and did homework in a marbled notebook throughout grade school.

Today, you’ll still see me carrying a marbled notebook… into every meeting, on every client phone call, when brainstorming ideas for my business. I throw one in my purse and take it along when running errands. On flights, I make sure it’s not in my checked-in luggage. I want easy access to my notebook to capture ideas when inspiration strikes.  

The marbled copybook has plenty of room for note taking and doodling. It’s cheap so there’s no need to be precious about using up the pages. Ideas flow from my mind...

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