In Praise of the Humble Marbled Notebook

Remember 1st grade? If you were raised in the US you’ll have memories of writing your first spelling words in a black & white notebook. Your mind's eye will see a classic composition book with a black & white marbled design on the cover and 100 sheets of wide-ruled, white paper.

If you’re like me, you practiced penmanship, solved math problems, and did homework in a marbled notebook throughout grade school.

Today, you’ll still see me carrying a marbled notebook… into every meeting, on every client phone call, when brainstorming ideas for my business. I throw one in my purse and take it along when running errands. On flights, I make sure it’s not in my checked-in luggage. I want easy access to my notebook to capture ideas when inspiration strikes.  

The marbled copybook has plenty of room for note taking and doodling. It’s cheap so there’s no need to be precious about using up the pages. Ideas flow from my mind and onto the page with ease.

Dr. Alvarez, I want to know about course creation. How is this relevant?

The marbled notebook illustrates a basic principle of course creation. You must have a system and a framework for structuring your thoughts, ideas, and content.

It’s important to capture ideas when they bubble up from your brain, because I promise you…they will disappear. If you don’t write them down in real time, later on you’ll try to remember, but they’ll have vanished.

Surely, learning to be a course creator can’t be as simple as writing things down. You’re right. Creating quality online courses does require knowledge and skills that most entrepreneurs don’t have.

That’s why I’m here… to share course creation tips & tricks that I’ve developed and tested so I know they’re practical and useful for creating money-making online courses.

For a deeper look at what it takes to create online courses, check out Course Creation Crash Course, my easy system and framework for structuring your thoughts, ideas, and content into money-making online courses.


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