Are You Blissfully Ignorant About E-Learning?

Blissful ignorance can cost you money in lost revenue and business growth. If you want to avoid the regret of having missed money-making opportunities, invest some of your business development dollars to add e-learning to your product offerings.

Whether you answer yes or no, if you want to be successful in the virtual economy, it’s important to probe this question.

So let’s start with defining e-learning.

Electronic Learning, shortened to e-learning, is the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills by way of electronic technologies, media, and the Internet. E-learning is a catch-all term that includes the process, content, and technologies that are used for digital learning and training. Most e-learning for businesses is web-based training that’s delivered through computers and mobile devices.

How much money is in the e-learning industry?

$200+ billion in 2019

$375 billion by 2026

The global e-learning market is expected to grow at over 8% compound annual...

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