Online Learning Trends as Top Money-Maker for 2020

2020 is the year to get in the course creation game. Online learning was named a top-twenty business opportunity trend for 2020:

#11 Online Learning

"There's no question that online learning has taken off as a business... Informal learning is an industry that has been growing steadily and is expected to pick up pace in the coming years," says Steven Cox, founder of San Diego-based TakeLessons, which offers in-person and online lessons. (A recent report from Renub Research suggests that the online education industry will reach $350 billion, worldwide, by 2025.)"

If you're like most service-based business owners, you've used expert knowledge to serve your customers. You may even have a signature service that is so unique that customers bypass your competitors to hire you.

The problem is that as long as many of your ideas live in your head, there's a limit to the income you can generate.

Offering online courses is one of the top growth strategies...

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